Wednesday, February 25, 2009

50 facts about me

1. I love Jesus. He is #1!
2. My husband is the best dad & husband I've ever seen.
3. My little girl is such a joy to me & Beau. We love her so much!
4. We would like to have 1 more kid. Hopefully a boy but it would be okay if it were a girl.
5. Two shows that I love are "The Office" & "The Young & the Restless".
6. I love to read!
7. The book of James is my favorite book in the bible.
8. Francine Rivers is my favorite author & Redeeming Love is my most favorite book ever.
9. I hit my elbows all the time & it hurts!
10. I am a stay at home mom who babysits & I love it!
11. My bed has to be made before I go to bed. I can't stand the blankets & sheets being all messed up.
12. I am very organized. I can still be a mess but I am organized.
13. I hate when people see my house dirty.
14. I am always early. Very seldom am I late.
15. My love language is quality time. I love spending time with my husband.
16. My husbands love language it Words of Affirmation. He needs encouragement from me.
17. I am amazed at how smart my daughter is. She speaks very well for her age. (we think so anyway :))
18. Jesus died on a cross for my & I made a decision at the age of 20 to live for him. I still mess up SO MUCH but I'm thankful I have him to guide me.
19. I am very conservative & liberals drive me nuts!!!
20. I am pro-life! (so is Jesus by the way).
21. I love walking.
22. I enjoy playing sports. Espec. basketball & softball. I play softball for my church.
23. I love watching football. OU & Dallas Cowboys are my favorite.
24. I always plan our bills out on paper.
25. I love mexican food. Then Italian! I love me some pasta!
26. I have 1 brother Hank, 1 step sister Kayla, 1 step brother Alex, & 4 half sisters Shalena, Britney, Jamie, & Sarah.
27. I have worked with middle school students for 3 years.
28. My lifegroup is the best. Our leaders are wonderful.
29. I love to sleep. I have to have 8 hours of sleep at night or I am tired!
30. I worked for a pediatric dentist for 3 & 1/2 years until I had Piper. It was a great job.
31. I meet with a group of girls once a week for accountibility. Shannon, Rachel, & Rebekah.
32. I am so glad God made me & Beau one! I love him so much! He loves me so much!
33. I have had 3 speeding tickets in my life & I couldn't tell you how many warnings.
34. I like to sew but I don't know how to work my sewing machine.
35. I am very competitive. Ask anyone who knows me.
36. I love making desserts.
37. I like to scrapbook & blog! :)
38. I LOVE hot chocolate & I drink coffee every morning.
39. I am very independant but I like my husband taking care of me.
40. I get so aggravated when I clean house all day & it's still dirty!
41. I love watching my husband play flag football. He is quite impressive I might say.
42. I like to pray for people.
43. It would be such an honor to die for Christ.
44. I want to tell as many people as possible about Christ before I die. I have been praying for boldness.
45. 3 of the happiest days of my life were 1)the day I gave my life to Jesus 2) my wedding day & 3) the day I had Piper.
46. My eyes are green. It's my favorite color.
47. In the summer of 96 I broke my left arm & ended up having to take a semester off school so home health could come to my house 3 times a day b/c my arm got so infected. I have 2 disgusting scars on my arm & one on my hip but I am just so thankful I still have my arm. I ended up having 6 surgeries for all I had to have done. Bad deal.
48. I had ACL surgery in May of '06. It hurt worse than having a baby!
49. I absolutley love ice cream! It is the best!
50. I am a greeter at church & I love it!!!

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