Thursday, January 29, 2009

Piper nap schedule changing.

Well the last two weeks Piper has not taken a morning nap. At first I thought it might be her teeth. So yesterday I finally decided that I think she is ready to take 1 nap instead of 2. I am not ready for this. She has been such a good sleeper for such a long time now. Today I decided I was going to try 1 nap. I had Trey today too. At 10:45 she was driving me absolutley nuts because she was such a grouch, I finally just put her in bed. As you know it she still refused to sleep! Trey went down for a nap at almost 12. I got Piper up at 12:30. I fed her changed her diaper then put her back to bed at 1. Oh she was so grouchy! She went to sleep from 1:30-3:30. 2 hours but that is how long she used to sleep at each nap! UGH! It is so hard! My patience are wearing thin!

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