Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life is SO short

Okay, Beau, me, & Piper were on our way to Antlers yesterday & had a very frightening experience. We had a guy pass us in a white buick & almost hit a car in oncoming traffic. Beau honked at the car & thankfully we were all okay. Well we are watching the guy in front of us & he is seriously driving all over the road. People are slowing down & pulling, over that is how bad it was. I was so scared. I was telling Beau to slow down. Then we are coming up to a bridge & he is heading straight for the gaurd rail. We wered thinking Oh my goodness he is about to go off the bridge. He finally swerves & misses. I call 911 b/c at this point I am in tears & I have never seen anyone driving like this. Then we turn to go towards Talihina & he is turning too. I just kept praying for protection. I kept telling Beau to just slow down. We come up to a cop that had pulled over in the mountains for a wreck. He told us if we called 911 then everything should be okay. Well the guy who by the way has a women in the car with him, pulls over & gets behind us. I am bawling! I kept telling Beau to hurry up (as we are driving in the mountains) & after staying right on our tail again the guy passes us on the mountains. We honked at him again. I was still cying & called 911 again to tell them he was almost in Talihina. We finally lost him in Talihina. That was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced!
Lately I have really had on my heart how short this life is. I really kept thinking that we could seriously die. My sweet baby girl was in the back seat sleeping. I just felt like we were in a scary movie & we were the victims. I am so thankful that God protected us through that. I hope I can bring him glory in all things. I want to live my life for him before my short time on earth is over.

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