Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice day

Piper & I spent the day in our pajamas today. We had an ice storm so I didn't have any other kids. Piper sure did make alot of messes today! She got into EVERYTHING! We read books, watched some cartoons & did nothing all day! It was great! Poor Beau had to work today so I have been praying for him being in this crazy weather.
eating her sandwich like a big girl
she got into her fruit snacks & I caught her trying to open them.
eating her fruit snacks
I went & got her from her nap & she had her pants off, socks off, & her diaper off! HA! no messes though!

Oh & Piper is 16 months old today. She weighs 23 lbs. She is talking alot! Can say anything. She can even say I love you! :) That just melts my heart.

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