Monday, September 29, 2008

P's 1st birthday party

Piper is 1 year old! It went by SO fast! We had a little Princess party. She had lots of guests. It was a great party. The Arkansas/Texas game got rescheduled to this day so we played the game during Piper's party. Ark lost. Not that that matters. :) Even some of my family from Antlers got to come in for her party.

Princess Piper

Opening gifts. You got a lot of great gifts. It was so nice! You did good opening them too. Marin & Addilyn got down & helped you & wanted to check out all your new toys. You got lots of new toys, clothes, movies, a shopping cart, & a big wagon.

Uncle Jerry & Aunt Fran
Lauren, Neal, & Addilyn
You were very relaxed eating your cake. You hadn't had much sweets until then. We don't think you really knew what to do. You just sat back & and dug in. You ate so much icing!

You didn't want to wear the hat.
Drew & Gary
Erin & Marin came too!

You princess cake made by Monica

Piper & Mommy!


Aunt Jane & Grandma Faye

daddy getting your wagon ready for you

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