Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life is SO short

Okay, Beau, me, & Piper were on our way to Antlers yesterday & had a very frightening experience. We had a guy pass us in a white buick & almost hit a car in oncoming traffic. Beau honked at the car & thankfully we were all okay. Well we are watching the guy in front of us & he is seriously driving all over the road. People are slowing down & pulling, over that is how bad it was. I was so scared. I was telling Beau to slow down. Then we are coming up to a bridge & he is heading straight for the gaurd rail. We wered thinking Oh my goodness he is about to go off the bridge. He finally swerves & misses. I call 911 b/c at this point I am in tears & I have never seen anyone driving like this. Then we turn to go towards Talihina & he is turning too. I just kept praying for protection. I kept telling Beau to just slow down. We come up to a cop that had pulled over in the mountains for a wreck. He told us if we called 911 then everything should be okay. Well the guy who by the way has a women in the car with him, pulls over & gets behind us. I am bawling! I kept telling Beau to hurry up (as we are driving in the mountains) & after staying right on our tail again the guy passes us on the mountains. We honked at him again. I was still cying & called 911 again to tell them he was almost in Talihina. We finally lost him in Talihina. That was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced!
Lately I have really had on my heart how short this life is. I really kept thinking that we could seriously die. My sweet baby girl was in the back seat sleeping. I just felt like we were in a scary movie & we were the victims. I am so thankful that God protected us through that. I hope I can bring him glory in all things. I want to live my life for him before my short time on earth is over.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Piper nap schedule changing.

Well the last two weeks Piper has not taken a morning nap. At first I thought it might be her teeth. So yesterday I finally decided that I think she is ready to take 1 nap instead of 2. I am not ready for this. She has been such a good sleeper for such a long time now. Today I decided I was going to try 1 nap. I had Trey today too. At 10:45 she was driving me absolutley nuts because she was such a grouch, I finally just put her in bed. As you know it she still refused to sleep! Trey went down for a nap at almost 12. I got Piper up at 12:30. I fed her changed her diaper then put her back to bed at 1. Oh she was so grouchy! She went to sleep from 1:30-3:30. 2 hours but that is how long she used to sleep at each nap! UGH! It is so hard! My patience are wearing thin!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice day

Piper & I spent the day in our pajamas today. We had an ice storm so I didn't have any other kids. Piper sure did make alot of messes today! She got into EVERYTHING! We read books, watched some cartoons & did nothing all day! It was great! Poor Beau had to work today so I have been praying for him being in this crazy weather.
eating her sandwich like a big girl
she got into her fruit snacks & I caught her trying to open them.
eating her fruit snacks
I went & got her from her nap & she had her pants off, socks off, & her diaper off! HA! no messes though!

Oh & Piper is 16 months old today. She weighs 23 lbs. She is talking alot! Can say anything. She can even say I love you! :) That just melts my heart.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Me & my girl

Mommy's sunglasses
She took her potty seat apart, climbed in & got stuck. She did get herself out though.
My silly girl playing with her broom.
Piper & Mommy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drew is 1!

Drew is 1! He is our friend's Lawson & Shannon's little boy. He had a Backyardigan birthday party. It was cute. Piper helped him open his presents.

Monday, January 19, 2009

When she saw that I had the camera she jumped up & said CHEESE!

Sleeping with her little piggy. Every time me or Beau put her to bed we snort the pig at her & she just cracks up laughing! Then she holds it & cuddles with it!

Peyton & Trey

I had Peyton today. Trey was so excited! They had fun & no one went to the corner! That is suprising b/c they are so wild together! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 2009

P is 15 months old, growing way too fast! She can sign eat, more, finished, pretty, thank you, please, cup, milk. She is so smart (we think so anyway :) She can say just about anything. She repeats after us ALOT! sometimes she calls Beau......Beau.. He doesn't like that too much so we have been trying to tell her that's daddy. Although she already knows & calls him that most of the time. She hears people calling him Beau so that is why she says it. Some of her favorite people are mamma & daddy of course. She looks at pictures of mimi, Drew, & Trey on the refrigerator & is constantly saying there names. I have a picture of Garrett (my cousins little boy) that she carries around & is always saying his name. She says it so good! She loves Addilyn, She says addie! Her favorite words are car, baby, ball, fish, shoe. She knows hot & cold which I am suprised. She points at my coffee cup & says "hot''. She knows outside it's cold. When we tell her to pray to Jesus she puts her hands together. She doesn't close her eyes yet but it is still too cute. She doesn't quite get it yet but she will. She has books that she goes through & points at different things like whale, fish, ball, candy, shoes, go. Just different things like that. She has some farm animals that she knows what they are. She is always showing them to us, cow, sheep, horse. She knows what the light is. She is alway pointing at the light switch & the lights & saying "light''. We have been putting her in the corner when she gets in trouble (when I don't want to keep spanking her, she gets lots of spankings). She does pretty good in the corner. Beau & I try not to laugh. She will put her nose in it & look at us until I tell her to turn around & she will. She can point at her nose, eyes, ears, and mouth. Yesterday I was holding her & she pointed at my eyes & said eyes. She can say all of them too. She says so much. She still jabbers alot but can say anything she wants too. She knows alot of cartoons & says them when they come on. Like "little bill" she says bittle bill, Dora is Doda, She says diego pretty good, wow wow wubzy is wow wow & you gabba gabba is go go go ( I think b/c of her brobee that says that when she sings).

This is Piper & her friend Addie whom I babysit.


Piper just got over being sick. This last week she had Pnemonia, 2 ear infections, & fever! It was a bad deal! She had never been that sick before! We took her to the dr on Monday, Jan. 5 b/c she had had fever since Friday. She had thrown up & wasn't feeling any better. She saw dr. Rodgers at Cooper Walk-in clinic. We got home & realized she had broke out in a rash. We were a little worried. The nurse at Little Rock childrens said she thought it was viral. She was on Bioxin & taking breathing treatmenst not to mention the cough medicine & tylenol & motrin. Her fever didn't go away until Wed. night. We are so thankful she is doing good now but still has a cough. We can handle that. This is the 3rd time she has had pnemonia since she has been born.

Friday, January 2, 2009

We had fun on New Year's Eve. My mom came & got Piper. We went to Jared & Cassen's & ate at Geno's, went to Starbuck's for some coffee, & then to their house to play card games. I think that was the latest we stayed up in a LONG time. We had fun though.