Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Conway with Beau's family. We stayed the night at Phillip's & had Thanksgiving at his house. We had LOTS of good food! Piper had a good time. She especially liked Phillip & Audrey's dogs, Blitz & Kizer (german shepard's). One of them jumped on her & completly knocked her down. She wasn't scared of them. We slept in the back bedroom in the house & thought we were going to freeze to death. It was SO cold! It was colder than any of the other rooms in the house. We ended up putting Piper in bed with us so we could all snuggle & we prayed she wouldn't get pnemonia (ya it was that cold!). We woke Beau's mom up to turn the heat on & she put the high on 52 so that didn't do anygood. We had a fun time though.

Phillip cutting the turkey

Rena & Mack


Beau & Piper when we got home from Conway.

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