Monday, May 26, 2008

Tulsa Trip

Memorial Day Weekend we took a trip to Tulsa with the Hardcastles. We stayed 1 night & had lots of fun! It was quite an adventure. On the way up there Piper pooped out her diaper (when we were almost at the zoo). It was BAD! She had a brand new outfit on that I had to throw in the trash. We got to the zoo & had to take the car seat out & I used all of Piper's baby wipes trying to clean her & the car seat. People were walking by us saying EEEWWW! GROSS! Well, what can ya do? It was memorable!

We first went to the zoo. It was fun!

Brandon & Beau

Ames' family

After the zoo we went & ate at Los Cabos. We love that place! Then went to Bass Pro Shop.
The next day we got up & went to Incredible Pizza. We ate SO much! Had lots of fun there! Piper was pretty good on the trip. She was almost 8 months old.


Finally we went to Big Splash. That was fun! Piper liked the wave pool better than she did the kiddy pool. I think she like being in her float.

The girls!

Piper & Kinley!

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