Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Piper with pnemonia & RSV

Piper got put in the hospital yesterday. It was very frustrating b/c we went in to se Dr. Cheshier b/c she wasnt feeling good. He told me to bring her back in the morning & if she wasn't any better he would keep her in the hospital. That kinda aggravated me. You could tell she wasn't breathing well at all. Well that night I ended up calling the hospital & the nurse could here her weezing so hard. She told us to get her to the hospital. :( My brother & I went to the emergency room & they got her right back. Didn't have to wait b/c she was breathing so hard. They did some chest x-rays & immediatley started giving her breathing treatments. They gave her 3 in a row. It was bad! She just laid there. She ended up with RSV & pnemonia. We ended up having to stay the night with monitors on her. Beau stayed home so he could go to work the next morning. We got to come home the next day but it was a bad experience.

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