Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Girls day (new years)

I had some girls over today for some games & snacks. What a fun day!!
Ashley H., Ashley D. Me, Courtney, & Bre.
being silly

Ashley Hardcastle
Courtney Halsey
Then at night had some more people over for games.
Shannon, Mandy, Me, & Bre.
This night will be very memorable. After everyone left except Bre the 3 of us decided to play a prank on Mandy & Jason. Not so funny to them. We went & knocked on their window not long after they left but apparently they were already in bed. They called the cops. We were scared. It was only a joke. We saw the cop driving around. They called us realized it was us & told the cop it was just some friends playing a prank. They didn't think it was funny. Didn't mean to scare them.

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