Thursday, September 20, 2007

35 wks
36 wks......Everything is still going great! Dr. Law's said she has gotten her head down pretty far....That is good. He said that I could be induced in 3 wks if I wanted & if she isn't here yet. I really want her to come natural so I think I will wait & see if she will come on her own....I'm so excited! I have been feeling some contractions since yesterday..Not enough to be labor pains (very minor) but I've gotten pretty uncomfortable.. Not too much longer tho.....I am so thankful everything has went well so far!! I got checked for the group B strep infection & it came back positive. Dr. Laws says that almost every women has this atleast once in her life & I just so happened to have it now. It only means that when I am in labor I will have to have an IV in & have to stay 2 nights in the hospital. Next week I will get checked to see if I have dialated any.

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