Friday, March 3, 2017

Random pics from school the last 2-3 months.
The real Christmas story by mrs. Jacque.

 Piper's 3rd grade music program. So stinkin' cute!

Art work by Pax.
Dr. Seuss week for Piper.
 This little boy is wearing gloves 90% of the time.
Love it!
 The 2nd 9 weeks of school Piper got her AR award, highest math, & most AR points in her class.
So proud of her. She works hard!

Just Pax being silly at school. 

 She's tutu cute!
 Sometimes you have to be creative and find heroes & villains that go with the alphabet.

 Dr. Seuss week for Pax.
 School work at home.

 Piper did her bottle research project on Corrie Ten Boom. So awesome.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

My 33rd birthday

My birthday was amazing! Jennifer whom I share a birthday with picked me up a white chocolate mocha from Java House on Tuesday.  I woke up to candy, & a card from hubby & the kids. Beau also left a sweet note on my coffee cup. I did a 5 mile run & worked out with my friends. Then my friends surprised me for lunch. They also all said something they love about me, & got me a gift & a cake. Cleave Gipson was at La Fiesta & paid for my lunch (love him). My mother-in-law brought me a cake & gift card & Beau got me a shirt I have been wanting. Piper massaged my back & I spent a fun evening at home with my family. I feel SO loved!
Oh then I had a gift from my secret pal at work on Thursday.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Piper volleyball 2017

Piper played on a practice team for Velocity. Carrie Ceisla was her coach. They practiced 2 days a week and played in 2 jamboree's. She LOVES volleyball!

Her 2nd jamboree. She improved so much & had so much fun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Disciple Now 2017

We hosted 8th grade boys at our house for dnow this year. They were SO much fun & nothing got broke. The kids were pumped about sleeping in our floor & they loved having the boys there.

 They taught us a new card game.

 These boys were great & they were great with our kids!

 We celebrated Conner's birthday!
 We were asked to pick up the pizza. We had our kids. Thankful Taylor was there so she could take one for us. Couldn't get it all in my car.
We loved hosting so much!